Fox Woods is a UX Designer

Fox Woods is a UX Designer

Fox Woods is a freelance user experience designer (see Fox’s response at Q3 if that terminology goes right over your head like it did mine the first time I heard it), founder of the Milkshake Collective, co-founder of GirlsClub, dog owner, self confessed child of hippies, and as of very (very) recently, mother. I caught up with Fox back in October to chat about work, life, opportunities, and what it means to find ‘flow’ in what you do for a living. I have to admit to having held a pretty significant girl crush on Fox since I first met her through GirlsClub earlier this year, so excuse the gushing that follows…

‘UX Designer’ can only begin to describe the depth of Fox’s work experience in web tech over the past decade, working across a variety of roles in the field of ‘making the internet happen’. There came a point however, where Fox found herself again looking for more challenging and rewarding work, but also hoping interviewers wouldn’t call her back. This realisation, and the subsequent acceptance of this new need for freedom of work/life lead Fox to ‘take the leap’, to quit her job and find the space to understand what it was she wanted to do next. What happened after that? Well, you’ll just have to keep reading…

Owner: Fox Woods

Business: The Milkshake Collective

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