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Envelope was founded by Simon Baldwin and Tom Holt long-time friends and fellow innovation nerds in the design, tech, and social space. Simon Chamberlain, an experienced entrepreneur and investor, provided the initial seed capital to launch the business.


Envelope was born of necessity, a very modern (and good looking) solution to an old problem; wedding gift registries. In less than twelve months, these long time friends have bootstrapped an idea created for Simon’s own wedding, learnt importance of customer communication in real time at one of Melbourne’s biggest wedding fairs, and launched Envelope, answering the cries of many to-be-weds  for a well designed and easy to use platform that bridges that awkward conversation with your family and friends – asking for money.

From Simon: Like so many couples these days, a traditional store-based or retail registry didn’t really suit our needs. We wanted flexibility and a way to include both objects, as well as experiences on our registry. While there are a few online registries like this out there, we just didn’t like the way they worked. We’d spent so much time getting the wedding to look and feel a certain way, we wanted our registry to be just as personal. Just as beautiful and just as thoughtful.

 So I asked Tom, one of my groomsmen (and now co-founder), to help build us a site we could use to ask for contributions towards our honeymoon in Europe.

 After the wedding, five or six of our guests asked if they could use the platform for their own weddings. At that moment, myself and Tom thought we were onto something and Envelope was born.


Owner: Simon Baldwin and Tom Holt


To celebrate their launch, Envelope are going to match one lucky couple’s registry value dollar for dollar. Just create a registry and you’re in the running!

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