Small Talk & Co. was recently named no. 2 in

Smart Company.com.au’s

Best Business Blogs of 2105!


Small Talk & Co. aims to hold a space open for a new conversation.

A celebration of all the small wonders that add up to a life well lived.



Each Small Talk & Co. interview begins by asking each entrepreneur to define or ‘label’ what it is they do. But ST&Co. is in no way only about labels; by beginning each interview this way, we open up  a conversation with each entrepreneur is much richer and more detailed than any label can afford our understanding. Each interviewee’s story is complex and multifaceted, built up over time through experiences of success and frustration. We always aim to find out more, to understand how these inspiring people think, and why they do they work they love. The process of sharing these experiences has opened my mind to the possibilities of work/life and I hope it has similar benefits for you.


And behind ST&Co.? That’s me, Keely, a 20 something year old Architect/Entrepreneur writing this the quiet beachside pocket of inner Melbourne that I have come to call home.

Serious Stuff:

Interviews and profiles are conducted by me, for you. No editorial content is paid for, unless otherwise signed. I feature business and individuals I love and admire.

Images are either taken by myself or the interviewee.

Small Talk & Co. is original content and photos are copyright protected to the interviewees or myself. Please contact me before re-posting content elsewhere. Feel free to share our images using the credit  ‘via smalltalkco.com’ Thanks!


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