Dear Twenty-Fourteen

This is just one last little post before we say goodbye to 2014, and I want to take the opportunity to say HUGE thanks to all my lovely interviewee-s, for sharing your experiences and opening up your communities in ways that have allowed my exploration of work/life to flourish and grow;

To Jenni, Caitlyn, and Barbara thanks for being my guinea pigs, and thanks for your endless support.

To KatieHanakoJennyChris, SheriseKatieRuthAmy thanks for providing me an insight into your working lives and the beauty in the diversity of your practices.

To Zoe and Jess thanks letting me express my personal values out-loud (in public!) through your passionate interviews. Thanks for showing me what great, small scale ethically minded enterprises are capable of.

To Kate and Meganthanks for your wisdoms, and for introducing me to the world of coworking.

To Eloisethanks for reminding me to chill out a little (baths are good!) and to accept the messy process of being twenty-something.

To Foxthanks for introducing me to GirlsClub in all its wonderfulness and thanks for being a career sounding board in a moment of crisis.

To Samara, thanks for showing me a new (wholehearted) way to practice in my own profession.

Most of all, thanks to all of you for letting me stalk you across various social medias and via email, for taking the time to meet with me when you could, for all the amazing lessons you have taught me, whether you know it or not.

You are now the voices inside my head (in only the best ways), inspiring me to always move forward, to dream big, live my passions, express my thoughts and to let go where necessary.

Small Talk & Co. will be easing into the new year at a slightly slower than usual pace due to other commitments, but we will be back, with plenty of great interviews already lined up or in the pipeline (That’s you Roslyn and Clara, I promise its coming soon!). I have also been granted a permanent guest blogger position over at Creative Women’s Circle, so be sure to check by to find out what interesting women I have been fortunate enough to interview there.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year,


Ps. My capacity for fan-girling has grown exponentially this year, and I wanted to show you how you are all connected so that you too might benefit from this;

  • Fox Woods, Freelance UX Designer, FoxMelbourne, Victoria and online everywhere

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