Image via Airbnb

Image via Airbnb

Introducing Wanderlust, a new regular post to Small Talk & Co., one that I hope will ease the transition into the new week, and most importantly, inspire you to a little escapism! Whether you run your own business or work for someone else’s, we all need a little time out occasionally to catchup on the latter parts of the work/rest/play triangle. And research shows (research I might have made up) that 83% of travel planning occurs on Monday mornings. So take some time out to lust for Daylesford, a stunning getaway destination catering for all tastes and budgets.  *Though I wish someone would pay me to travel, this is not a sponsored post, just some places I’ve loved to visit.*

Rest | Eco Retreat at Viv’s Place

This Wanderlust features the Eco Retreat at Viv’s Place, Daylesford, available via Airbnb. This lovingly crafted home is packed full of eco-credentials, the most delightful of which has to be the stunning cathedral ceiling and cosy wood fired heating, a real bonus in the midst of a Victorian winter.

 Wander  | Lavandular Swiss Italian Farm

Eat | Lunch at Red Beard Historic Bakery in Trentham

Relax | Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa


What are your favourite escapes in the Daylesford/Macedon Ranges region? Let me know in the comments below

2 thoughts on “Wanderlust | Daylesford

  1. Wonderful idea. I’m all for a wandering and Daylesford is beautiful. I’m still to really explore there so I thank you for the stunning suggestions. If I uncover any new places I will report back!

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